China Icons is all about discovering today’s China


On our YouTube channel, specially-created videos take you beyond the familiar, beyond the cliché, to get an informed insight into this varied, energetic and constantly-surprising country.

Beautiful time-lapses reveal the natural and manmade wonders of China – from the mountains and gorges of the fabled Shangri-La landscape to Beijing’s Olympic iconic Birds Nest Stadium.

Video-diaries from China’s 900 million-strong workforce take us behind closed doors, on break-neck guided tours of the country’s most unexpected workplaces. Go behind the scenes of China’s National Acrobatics Troupe, explore the world’s largest aquarium and take a ride on Beijing’s famous No.1 bus route.

Jaw-dropping timelapses and soaring drone footage take you on a tour of the diverse landscapes of China, while foreigners give their take on living in the Middle Kingdom today.

Easy to follow cooking tutorials, spectacular engineering, bustling cities. Creative designers, talented artistes, visionary thinkers. Ancient temples, colourful traditional music and dance, record-breaking caves and wildlife…

This is the place to meet China’s icons – past, present and still to come.


Got an idea for a China Icons video, or is there something you want to learn more about in China? Let us know in the reply section below!

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Natural wonders, jaw-dropping engineering, delicious food, bustling cities, ancient temples, glamorous fashionistas, visionary thinkers. This is the site to meet China's icons – past, present and still to come

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