In the news this month: August

News and Travel Editor

Welcome to China Icons ‘In the news this month: August’ edition! It’s been a busy month of national festivals, Olympic love stories and big news in tech.

Read on to enjoy this countdown of my favourite News Stories from China this month.

  1. In a story that made waves around the world, the two year battle between ride-sharing giants has come to a close as Uber has officially been acquired by Didi in China. Didi’s 87% market share proved too much for Uber to compete against.
  2. Great news for the scientific community in China, 40 Chinese scientific research institutions have been named in the world’s top 100.
  3.  China‘s famous  Transit Elevated Bus has finally taken its first test ride after sparking the internet’s interest through this video last may.

  4. Goodnight, Jade Rabbit! China‘s Jade Rabbit Moon Rover has shut down for good after a record breaking 31 months exploring the Moon .

    Jade Rabbit Moon Rover. Xinhua.
  5. Couples across China celebrated Chinese Valentine’s Day! , also known as Qixi festival💖 
  6. China secured another full house of medals in the Table Tennis at Rio 2016, securing the maximum amount available. (Want to meet China’s adorable ping pong protegys? Watch this)
  7. Chinese diver He Zi wins Olympic silver – then gets a proposal on the podium!

    Proposal on the Podium at Rio
  8. China’s e-sports team Wings Gaming have been crowned the new Dota 2 world champions at The International 2016, beating Digital Chaos in the grand final to claim the prestige, the glory and an enormous prize of $9.1 million
  9. China has launched the world’s first quantum satellite into space in a bid to launch an era of hack-proof communication.
  10. World’s oldest woman Fu Suqing from Chengdu celebrated her 119th birthday on 22nd August🎂 
  11. The world’s longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge has opened in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province . Don’t look down.

    Photo: IJG JPEG Library
  12. Ghost Festival, or Hungry Ghost Festival, has been taking place across China and celebrating through the burning of paper money and other offerings. Want to find out how to survive it? Don’t say we didn’t warn you 👻Have we missed out your favourite story? Let us know in the comments below!
    See you next month for another roundup of China Icons news.

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