China’s Olympic Table Tennis Domination

News and Travel Editor

Does any country dominate in an Olympic sport in the same way that China dominates at Table Tennis?

China has secured 24 out of the possible 28 Olympic gold medals since the sport became part of the games in 1988. China’s clean sweep of 6 medals at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 even prompted the Olympic committee to limit each country to send two players to compete, instead of three. In 2012, with the new limitations, China still won two golds and two silvers.

This year in Rio, both players in the men’s and women’s gold medal matches are, again, from China, securing two golds and two silvers once more.

In doubles, China’s women’s team triumphed over Germany last night. The men’s team will take on Japan tonight for the final gold on offer.

This week’s video goes behind the scenes to meet China’s table tennis stars of the future at Beijing’s Shichahai sports school.

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